Making mental
healthcare more
accessible, affordable
and effective

Digital tech for mental healthcare

We exist to make mental healthcare more effective, accessible and affordable. To do this, we will apply the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science to develop technologies for early detection of mental illnesses and to build tools to help improve quality of life and productivity of people at risk.

Solving a pressing problem

Around 790 million people around the world currently live with mental issues, placing mental illness among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide. Nearly two-thirds of people with a known mental illness never seek help from a health professional due to stigma, poor awareness and a lack of access to affordable treatment options says the World Health Organization.

Building a global company

At Witmer, we are passionate about mental health. And we are on a mission to build a research-driven, global mental healthcare company that will work on developing novel solutions for a range of mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, OCD and schizophrenia, among others.

Our first foray is in the space of workspace wellness, where we will build tools that help companies tackle the problems of workplace stress and employee burnout. By doing this, we aim to create happy, engaged and productive employees and workplaces.

Cutting-edge Tech
Cutting-edge Tech
Stress to Schizophrenia


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